Instructions: Pre-proposals should be evaluated for project design, feasibility and overall impact. Preference is to be given to projects that advance:
1. Inter-institutional collaboration
2. Online or technology-enhanced pedagogy
3. Diversity and inclusion
4. Ability to generate matching funds for the project

Feel free to contact Beth Peifer, Director of Faculty Programs, if you have any questions.

Evaluations must be submitted electronically via this link. Note that after you submit a completed evaluation, you will see a link to submit another copy of the evaluation form. To make changes to an evaluation that has already been submitted, contact Dr. Peifer.


15ACS Faculty Workshops: Mathematics for Social JusticeTeymuroglu, Buell, Yerger, WaresRollins, Richmond, Davidson
16True StoriesWalton, Christian-Lamb, Nunes, DeanRollins, Davidson, Southwestern
17GIS across the Curriculum: Incorporating Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial Thinking through a Customizable Web-based Screencast PlatformHowe, Sounny-SlitineSouthwestern
18Teachers as Global Learners: The Transformative Impact of Study Abroad on Faculty Program LeadersJasinksiTrinity
19Merging Borders through TechnologySihiSouthwestern
20GC-MS Analysis of Archaeological Residues from PipesCarmody, RussSewanee, Rhodes
21Strategic Planning for ACS Summer Teaching & Learning WorkshopHammond, LongestCentenary
22Building a Digital Archive at CentreFrederick, Bradshaw, BowlesCentre
23Measuring learning gains of students enrolled in both MOOCs and residential courses built around online contentStevensDavidson
24Using a recombinant yeast assay to teach laboratory skills in the undergraduate classroomRoark, EdwardsFurman, Sewanee
25A Toolkit for Interdisciplinary Teaching from University Art CollectionsLepage, Teaff, CobournWLU
26Collaborative Endometrial Cancer ResearchTodd, CuevasSouthwestern
27McGrath, Malde, Chicochetti--Collaborative--Planning Grant for Interdisciplinary Arts and Humanities Course in HaitiMcGrath, Malde, CiocchettiSewanee, Centenary
28Cross-Institutional Collaboration to Develop GIS Curricular and Knowledge Mapping for Effective and Efficient Blended Learning DeliveryMuthukrishnan, Winiski, DonaldFurman, Trinity