Incorporated in August of 1991, the consortium articulates to many audiences the nature of liberal learning and the vital role it plays. The organization points to the impact made by liberal arts on individuals and on the society as a whole, with ACS colleges and universities being viewed as exemplars of the highest quality liberal arts institutions.

ACS is a organization through which member colleges and universities can create and build programs not possible on an individual basis. By sharing resources, our members can increase the efficiency of their own operations. Our hope is that the ultimate beneficiary is the student.

The ACS is comprised of sixteen distinguished liberal arts colleges and universities. They are nationally recognized institutions located in the South, encompassing twelve states. They share a commitment to excellence in all their programs, offering rigorous academic programs and focusing on the growth and development of each student. They are also determined to be even better, using the ACS as a vehicle for improvement.

For more information about the history of ACS, see our recently published history, Creative Collaboration: The Associated Colleges of the South.