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Dr. Anita Davis, ACS Director of Diversity and Inclusion, is overseeing a student and faculty campus climate benchmarking pilot project during the spring semester, 2017. A variety of educational, non-profit, and government agencies use climate surveys to learn more about whether the organizational culture is perceived as welcoming and inclusive by people from different identities and cultural backgrounds. ACS Campuses can participate in the student survey, the faculty survey, or both surveys.  The surveys are expected to be ready for dissemination in early March.  The process will be as follows:


1)      Two faculty members (Chris Wetzel and Kelly Weeks) at Rhodes College will secure Institutional Research Board (IRB) approval for the benchmarking project through the Rhodes IRB Committee and share the approved plan with all participating campuses.

2)      The administration of the survey will be the responsibility of the individual institution.

3)      Each institution will provide their survey data to Chris and Kelly for analyses (e.g., via Excel, SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics)

4)      Each participating campus will be provided with benchmarking data at no cost in exchange for using the data for research purposes  (campuses would have access to their own scores relative to the other schools, but the other schools’ results would not be attached to their names; all campuses would know which schools participated in the project)


Currently, five schools have confirmed their participation in the study.  Please contact Dr. Davis immediately if your institution is interested in being a part of this exciting pilot.