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ACS has launched a new, five-year Faculty Advancement program under a new, $2.7 million award from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, which, when combined with our previous grant from the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation, enables us to provide significant financial support for faculty innovation at our 16 member colleges.

We will award grants across three areas of focus:

Innovative instruction –  teaching experiments that build on the lessons from cognitive science relating to how students learns, or the teaching possibilities provided by technology.  As a consortium, wil will show strong preference for programs that feature collaboration among multiple ACS institutions.

Collaborative Curriculum or multi-institutional learning experiences – We’ll be looking for combined study away programs or combined low enrollment courses.  Better still, we’d love to see efforts to build on the success of an older ACS program, Sunoikisis, to create collaborative departments in subjects like German, Arabic, or Philosophy.

Inclusive pedagogy – ACS grants will fund faculty projects that seek innovative ways to make teaching more inclusive.And we’re launching a training program for faculty and administrators, to enhance their understanding of how diversity and inclusion really work.

How to apply: Check this space and watch your email for an upcoming call for proposals. You must be on the ACS Palladian subscriber’s list to receive the email (click here to subscribe)


For more information on these areas of focus, visit the links above.

2016-2021 Faculty Advancement Announcement Video:

Looking for information about the 2012-2016 Faculty Advancement program? Find it here.