2017 ACS Grants Program – Instructions for Evaluators

Well, here we go! As of 3:20 on Friday, we are up to 31 proposals. Others will be coming in (our deadline is the end of the business day today, but different time zones and our office closing at 4:00 p.m. (EST) today mean that we will be uploading more documents on Monday.) But 31 proposals is great! We are incredibly excited about the interest in the grant. Now, on to business…
I hope that you were able to access our evaluation page using the instructions from my email on June 9. (I have copied it in at the end of these instructions.) We had to take down the sample pre-proposals to make room for the official documents. Please let me know if you have questions or troubles at any time in this process.
As you review the pre-proposals, please keep in mind the following:

  • You will be reading a lot about our three grant themes and budget maximums associated with them; here is a visual of the breakdown:
    • Innovative Instruction: up to $25,000 per project
    • Collaborative Curriculum: up to $50,000 per project
    • Diversity and Inclusion: up to $50,000 per project
  • Most of the pre-proposals engage more than one of our grant themes and combine budget maximums. We anticipated this and thought it useful to point out the enabling language from the ACS grants webpage about this:
    •  “We anticipate that many proposals will meet multiple objectives. For example, course sharing among three institutions (collaborative curriculum) will by definition and design involve classroom technology (innovative instruction). As you imagine possibilities, we encourage you to see the categories above as fluid rather than as fixed.”
  • This is especially the case with proposals that combine collaborative curriculum and diversity and inclusion; again, here is language from the ACS webpage:
    • “Note that, for exceptional proposals in the Collaborative Curriculum and Diversity and Inclusion categories, ACS will consider increasing the award maximum as part of our effort to encourage scope and excellence.”
  • Proposals from STEM fields must focus on diversity and inclusion, per the mission of the Mellon Foundation.
  • Many of the documents we received were in .pdf format, which I had to convert into Word. This didn’t work perfectly and, as a result, you may see an errant typo here and there. I did my best to correct the ones I saw but may have missed some. If you see a typo, try to be optimistic and blame it on the conversion process.
  • Finally, please do not worry about the signature page. We received signatures in so many different formats that it became difficult to include them in some of the proposals. Rest assured that we received all appropriate signatures, including from the senior executive administrators, for each proposal, despite what you may or may not see!

The following page contains access instructions from my email from 6.9.

Please keep in mind the following:

• The pre-proposal evaluation forms are listed in a drop-down menu according to the lead proposer’s name, institution, and project keywords. Please make sure you click on the one you intended to click on!
• For a refresher, it may help to review the ACS grant webpage at www.colleges.org/fa.

Finally, to gain access to the evaluation webpage, please:

• Go to www.colleges.org/login.
• Click on “I lost my password” and enter your email address.
• Follow the instructions in the email you receive after completing the step above.