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Activate your classroom and engage your students using videos, projects and discussion.


The David E. Shi Center for Sustainability is pleased to announce a new workshop program to assist faculty as they infuse a new method of assessment into the classroom with an all-inclusive on-line learning module.

Full Cost Analysis (FCA) is a method of management based in an accounting framework which allows consideration of economics, environmental issues and social issues when making a wide array of decisions, actions and programs.  FCA allows the three tenants of sustainability (Economics, Environment, Social Systems) to be considered together to bring about a holistic understanding of a situation.  This topic is relevant to all disciplines.

The FCA learning module uses videos and group work to facilitate debate and the exchange of ideas.  The workshop will teach you about the concept of FCA, demonstrate how you can employ this approach in your classroom, and train you to disseminate the technique at your home institution.

Stipends award each faculty member $1,500 for participation in and travel to this workshop.  Funding for this project is being provided through a grant from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations.

Tenure-track and tenured faculty members from all universities, all departments and disciplines are encouraged to apply for these competitive participant spots.

Deadline for applications is 8 May 2015.

See attached call for applications for additional information and application guidelines.  Contact Kelly Grant Purvis (864-294-2517) for information or to apply.