All proposals are required to explain the tangible progress that is intended to result from funded projects.

In the pre-proposal stages, key questions include:

  • If your project is successful, what does that success “look like,” i.e., what will your project have accomplished?
  • What is evidence of that success, i.e., how will you distinguish between different levels of success?
  • What will you do with the assessment information you generate, e.g., how can you use the information to secure sustained support from your campus (if applicable)?

For final proposals, assessment plans will need to be well-developed.

  • For each goal, you will be asked to explain the methods you will use to evaluate project success. ACS expects these to be measureable goals that are designed to produce tangible results. How will you know your project is successful? For example, if your project involves innovative instruction designed to improve student learning, what methods will you use to measure and demonstrate that improvement?
  • Note that ACS will post all assessment plans and final reports to our website; grantees are encouraged to use project results in their own professional activities and campus discussions.

ACS cannot know what success looks like for each project; only you and your partners can explain it. We can help guide you so that ACS has the follow-through necessary for reporting to Mellon and you have tangible evidence needed for future institutional investment in your project. We believe that high-quality, post-grant reports are the best guarantee for sustained support from both.