We want to make it as convenient as possible to form collaborative partnerships. In December 2017, we plan to post all grant projects to be undertaken in the 2018-1019 cycle in an effort to attract new collaborators and build on successful projects. Below you will find three additional ways for potential collaborators to find each other.

  1. Collaboration database:
    Click here for the ACS Collaboration Database. This feature is designed to help those who are exploring possible project ideas and want to get the word out to potential collaborators. (Remember, it is always good to share ideas with deans or provosts – especially those ideas that are more developed – so they are not taken by surprise when they look at this webpage.) Here is how the database works:

    1. When the ACS Director of Faculty Programs is contacted by a faculty member with an idea for a promising proposal, she will add that person and proposed idea to the database.
    2. Other faculty and staff across the ACS campuses can regularly check the database to see what ideas are being generated. If they would like to join as potential collaborators, there will be a link to the DFP’s email; she will then add them to the database for that particular project.
    3. The original proposer, if desired, would then follow up to discuss collaborative possibilities.
  2. Catalog search:
    Click here to search the course catalogs of all ACS campuses. This tool allows you to identify departments, course offerings, and other relevant information that might be useful to idea generation and proposal development.
  3. Key word search:
    Click here to search the websites of all ACS campuses by specified search terms. For example, a faculty member who is interested in a collaboration between “Arabic language” and “Middle Eastern Studies” instructors could search for those terms to get an idea of who teaches what and retrieve contact information for potential collaborators. While this search tool will generate a wide array of results that will require sifting through, we believe it is a good place to begin making connections.