ACS Grants Program Goals, Themes, and Examples

A. Goals of the Grant Program
The objectives of the ACS grant program are consistent with the goals of our strategic plan: to advance the professional growth of faculty and staff, foster diversity and inclusion, build partnerships across our member campuses, and improve collective student and institutional success. Below, please find information on the grant process and resources. We also encourage you to join our Grants Facebook Group.

B. Grant themes
Innovative Instruction: ACS invites proposals that re-evaluate traditional methods of teaching, respond to new knowledge about how students learn, and incorporate learner-centered pedagogies and technologies. Our objective is to help faculty incorporate learning-based pedagogy and blended learning approaches.

Hypothetical example of an II project.

Examples from 2017-2018 grant cycle: (forthcoming, December 2017)

ACS maintains a growing library of instructional video presentations, many created by ACS faculty and staff, that you should consult as you develop your proposal. Browse the Online Access Resources library.

Collaborative Curriculum: ACS seeks multi-campus involvement in projects that, among other things, integrate study away opportunities, boost course enrollments, benefit disciplines with limited representation, and create collaborative programs that can be sustained after funding ends. ACS will not dictate the appropriate models for these collaborative initiatives but encourage all interested to discuss their ideas with ACS staff.

Hypothetical example of a CC project.

Examples from 2017-2018 grant cycle: (forthcoming, December 2017)

As a new feature of our 2018-2019 grant program, we are developing a model for remote teaching and course sharing. Faculty who want the opportunity to teach existing courses to students on other campuses, or who would like students on other campuses to enroll in their courses, should speak with their deans or provosts about ACS funding opportunities. ACS is especially interested in applying the model to targeted disciplines in order to strengthen the success of those students, faculty, and programs. Coordination with chief academic officers is critical to this strategic goal.

Diversity and Inclusion: ACS will support initiatives that have the potential to make a lasting impact on institutional culture. Projects of this sort could be exclusively geared toward diversity and inclusion or could add diversity and inclusion to either of the above themes.

Hypothetical example of a D&I project.

Examples from 2017-2018 grant cycle: (forthcoming, December 2017)