The following is an example of a preproposal for a project that would fit in the “collaborative curriculum” category.

  1. Describe the project.

Our project involves Swahili language faculty from three ACS campuses. Currently, we each teach beginning Swahili and would like to offer intermediate Swahili on a rotating basis. Several factors motivate us to expand our language offerings:

  • Increased student interest in Africa and African languages, as reflected in robust and growing enrollments in our beginning Swahili classes, points to the need for intermediate instruction.
  • Workload issues – all three of us serve as either directors or chairs of African Studies programs and have full teaching schedules – make collaboration necessary if intermediate offerings are to be realistic. We plan to work the intermediate course into our regular rotations so that the new courses can be sustained after the grant period ends.
  • Our campuses have study abroad programs in eastern Africa. The opportunity to achieve language proficiency prior to travel will help students get more out of the on-site experience and, in the longer run, potentially point to the need for advanced Swahili and even a collaborative Swahili language program.
  • We believe it is time to build a learning community of Swahili language instructors that will give us more outlets for professional growth and development.
  • The fact that ACS and our Deans can offer a model for remote teaching that relieves us from needing to figure out logistical and administrative details allows us to focus on curricular designs and faculty-related matters.

We intend to start by developing a two-course intermediate Swahili sequence, the first of which will be taught in the fall 2019. The spring 2019 semester will be spent jointly writing the syllabus, developing the assessment plan, and finalizing instructional technology details. If successful, our goal is to offer the second course in the sequence in the spring 2020 and apply for another round of funding to cover that and any other subsequent collaboration.


  1. Explain the project’s relevance to one or more of the grant themes.

This is a collaborative curriculum project. It is a way to strengthen our language offerings, foster networking between those of us in small, interdisciplinary programs, and boost enrollments while generating interest in study abroad. It builds on our existing strengths and offerings, including our study abroad programs. It might evolve into a collaborative program, and it can be sustained after the grant period ends.


{Note that there are other questions on the pre-proposal form pertaining to budget, goals, and assessment; this sample is intended only to provide the conceptual framework of a CC project.}