1. Describe the project.

The project is designed to incorporate hands-on, problem-based learning into my introductory sociology class. I have used traditional methods of teaching (lectures, papers, and exams) in the course over the last three years. My campus has a new strategic plan that places student learning and success front and center. In support of this goal, I would like to redesign the course to make it more responsive to my students and their learning styles.

I am also a member of our campus’s instructional technology committee and now know more about new software tools for effective learning in the liberal arts. The project would allow me to contribute to the scholarship on teaching and learning, something my department chair is encouraging as part of my tenure and promotion process. My goal is to launch a completely redesigned course in the fall of 2019.

  1. Explain the project’s relevance to one or more of the grant themes.

The project fits the innovative instruction goals of the grant. I would work with our instructional technologist to identify the tools that can help achieve the learning outcomes for the class. We will focus in particular on low-cost software options, such as those ACS features on its www.colleges.org/oar site. I anticipate that three to four new technology tools will be incorporated into the class, along with specific goals, outcomes, and measures for each associated assignment. I will also be attending the 2019 Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy at Virginia Tech in February and sharing my ideas and draft syllabus with colleagues.

The funding would cover the various elements of redesigning the course, purchasing software, and partnering with IT staff. If the project achieves the intended goals, I would like to redevelop other courses and collaborate with several of my departmental colleagues. I believe the project could have an impact beyond my course by making my department’s general offerings more responsive to the findings from cognitive science and to students’ different learning styles.

{Note that there are other questions on the pre-proposal form pertaining to budget, goals, and assessment; this sample is intended only to provide the conceptual framework of an II project.}