The 2017 Workshop was  held  May 30-June 4th at Furman University.

The next workshop will be June 4-9, 2018 at Sewanee, the University of the South.
Microteaching works best when participating faculty members represent the full range of ACS institutions, academic disciplines, and career stages. Thus, one seat is reserved for each of the 16 ACS institutions until February 15th. Nominees 1 and 2 will receive confirmation of acceptance into the Workshop within a few days of nomination. Third and fourth nominees will be confirmed in mid February pending available space. The Workshop can accommodate up to 30 participants each summer. We often receive a few more nominations than we have spaces, so it is to the institution’s advantage to complete the nomination form by the February 15th  deadline.

Comments From Previous Workshop Participants:

“I have never had as valuable an experience in my teaching career.”

“This workshop will teach you more about teaching and learning than all those teaching-technique books you have sitting on your bookshelf!”

“This was the best faculty development program I have ever attended.”

“The workshop exceeded my expectations. I had some contact with the micro-teaching process, but I did not expect such stimulating interaction in the small groups.”
“The most important thing at the workshop was to talk about teaching with leaders and participants. The discussions, across disciplines and outside of regular sessions were quite useful. My facilitators were sensitive and enthusiastic and supportive. Bravo! They worked hard with each one of us.”

“The workshop definitely was worth my time and effort.”

“Thanks for a most helpful and thought-provoking week. I feel I will be a better teacher this fall. I had expectations that I would learn something about interactive teaching and also had strong anxiety about my performance here. I rapidly gained a sense of confidence from the tone set by the facilitators. I came away with concrete knowledge of what interactive teaching is, how to do it better and why it is so important. I now feel less anxious about using these techniques.”
“Ultimately I appreciated the seamlessnesss of the experience-obviously carefully thought out and implemented. The camaraderie and future friendships are unadvertised benefits. Just do it!

“Thoroughly professional! Packed with great information. I’ll use this material for the rest of my career.”

“A superb week!”

“This is the most well-run conference that I have ever attended. I thought the behind-the-scenes work was just amazing.”

Workshop Overview

This event is a one-week workshop for qualified faculty of member institutions belonging to the Associated Colleges of the South. It will be a  challenging and invigorating experience for capable faculty wanting to strengthen teaching performance, expand teaching techniques, and explore pedagogical issues.

Workshop Mission Statement

The Workshop emphasizes teaching and learning as central to the academic profession. Participants will:

Build on existing strengths in their teaching and identify areas for growth
Increase awareness of learners’ experiences in the classroom
Explore new teaching and learning strategies
Contribute to a collaborative community in which they can reflect on their classroom choices and how those choices affect learners and learning

Nature of the Participants

Good teachers who want to teach better. For example, younger faculty wanting to learn new skills, mid-career faculty refining teaching styles or changing teaching approaches, and senior faculty wanting to modify courses as well as approaches to teaching. Participants must be nominated by their institutions to attend.


Outstanding faculty from ACS institutions who have attended the teaching workshop in the past. Each has experience and training in facilitating microteaching so that each workshop participant learns valuable insights to enhance her/his own teaching.

Special Features of the Program

A microteaching experience in which each participant’s teaching will be videotaped, analyzed, and discussed extensively within a small group of about five participants.

An opportunity for participants to experiment with new approaches to teaching, observe other teaching styles, try new techniques, and analyze issues and challenges of teaching and learning.

A workshop ethos of faculty development (not evaluation).

Special sessions on aspects of the teaching process as well as pedagogical issues. For example: diversity in the classroom, teaching and learning styles, active and collaborative learning, best practices, the uses of technology, the syllabus, etc.

Ample time provided for informal conversation among faculty participants, enabling them to share experiences and ideas and develop connections that may prove helpful in the future.

Selection Process

The academic deans from each ACS institution submit names of interested faculty members by February 15; participants will be notified by March 15. Most institutions send two faculty members each year.

Use this nomination form

If You are Interested

ACS faculty members interested in attending this year’s workshop should contact your academic dean or provost about the nomination process at your institution. The teaching workshop is open only to faculty members from the member institutions of the Associated Colleges of the South.

For Further Information please contact your academic dean/provost or the workshop director Betsy Sandlin (