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ACS President Dr. R. Owen Williams served as president of Transylvania University from 2010-2014, following a 24-year career as a Wall Street investment banker (Director, Salomon Brothers Inc.; Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.; Chairman of Bear Stearns Asia).

He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Dartmouth College, then studied at the University of Cambridge in England, earning a Master of Arts in Intellectual History. In 1999, Dr. Williams left the business world to study at Yale University and Yale Law School, where he earned a doctorate in American History and a Master of Studies in Law.

Dr. Williams was awarded the Raoul Berger Fellowship at Harvard Law School, the Samuel Golieb Fellowship at the New York University School of Law, the Fletcher Jones Fellowship at the Huntington Library, the Legal History Fellowship at Yale Law School, and the Cassius Marcellus Clay Postdoctoral Fellowship in history at Yale. He has published in several magazines, journals and encyclopedias. He edited The Encyclopedia of Antislavery and Abolition (Greenwood Press) and was an articles editor for the Yale Journal of Law and the Humanities.



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