The ACS Gender Studies Workshop is one of the longest-running ACS meetings, held approximately every other year since 1993.

Current Conference Information

History: Professor Marsha Walton at Rhodes College established the initiative, which was originally focused only on women’s studies. A planning meeting held in Atlanta included Jane Archer, Birmingham-Southern College; Nicole Barenbaum, Sewanee: The University of the South; Susan Bernick, Furman University; Jane Chew, Furman University; Jane Dickie, Hope College; Mykol Hamilton, Centre College; Suzanne Jones, University of Richmond; Ann MacMaster, Millsaps College; Judith Page, Millsaps College; Anne Sharp, Furman University; Robin Visel, Furman University; Mary Visser, Southwestern University; Marsha Walton, Rhodes College; and Mary Young, Southwestern University. The group had a lively discussion of the salient issues facing women’s studies before concluding that collaboration could enhance efforts on the individual campuses. As a result, they decided to hold a workshop in the next year, putting together a budget for thirty participants, which some thought was too high an expectation. In fact, 175 participated in the first meeting, hosted by Furman University, and the program has moved forward ever since.

Women's Studies in the ACS: Challenging Gender in the 1990sOctober 22-23, 1993Furman University
Feminism Embracing DiversityNovember 3-4, 1995Trinity University
Becoming Visible:
Women's Struggles for Justice
October 24-26, 1997Millsaps CollegeAnne MacMaster, Coordinator of
Women's Studies,
Millsaps College
Gendered EnvironmentsOctober 15-17, 1999Birmingham-Southern CollegeDr. Jane Archer
Birmingham-Southern College
Women's Studies/Gender Studies: Separate but Equal?April 12-13, 2002Hendrix CollegeDr. Allison Shutt,
Hendrix College
Gender Acts! Activism: History, Theory and PracticeMarch 26-27, 2004Furman UniversitySarah Worth (Conference Chair), Furman Univ.;
Lynne Shackelford (Co-chair), Furman Univ.; Robin Visel (Co-chair), Furman Univ.;
Governing Bodies: Reflections on the Self, Society, and StateMarch 24-25, 2006Centenary College of LouisianaDr. Michelle Wolkomir, Centenary College; Dr. Kim VanHoosier-Carey, Centenary College
The Personal is Still Political: Gendered Identities in the Twenty-First CenturyMarch 6-7, 2009Rhodes CollegeLeslie Petty (Conference Chair), Rhodes College.
Emancipatory Knowledge: Women’s and Gender Studies NOWApril 1-2, 2011University of RichmondHolly Blake (Conference Co-Chair), Univ. of Richmond, Melissa Ooten (Conference Co-Chair), Univ. of Richmond
Intersections and Assemblages: Genders and Sexualities Across CulturesApril 4-5, 2014Furman UniversityDr. Karni Bhati (Conference Co-Chair), Furman Univ.; Dr. Sofia Kearns (Conference Co-Chair), Furman Univ.
Representing Gender Across. . .February 19-21, 2016Southwestern UniversityMichael Saenger (Conference Co-Chair), Southwestern Univ.